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What is a Cumulative Exam? Tips to Study

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Cumulative Exam: Definition

A cumulative exam is typically a final examination for the course that will cover the entire syllabus that was taught throughout the year or a semester. But the term and mid-term exams are exams that are just conducted for just the part of the course material that has been taught for the particular term, i.e the syllabus for the term examination alone.

A cumulative exam will test students’ grasp of the subjects taught throughout the span of the course period.

How to prepare for a Cumulative Exam?

Review the old exams you have given and In this way, you can recollect what you studied or missed to study yet. Devote more time to studying the subjects you have not covered yet from the beginning of the semester. If you have any doubts about the material of the course, reach out to the professor or study with classmates who will know that.