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What GRE Exam is for? How to apply for GRE?

What GRE Exam is For?

Graduate Record Examination, shortly called as GRE Exam is a standardized examination required for admission in any top graduate schools in the USA and Canada. GRE Exam is conducted worldwide by Education Testing Service which is the largest education testing and assessment organization. Basically, It helps in fulling the admission requirement of most graduate schools in the US and Canada. So if you are willing to get admission into top graduate schools in the USA and Canada, you need to pass a GRE exam.

GRE is a highly competitive exam, so scoring high marks in the test is important to secure admission to top graduate schools. Each Graduate School will have a minimum marks requirement in GRE to be eligible for admission into their school. So if you aim for prestigious schools like Harvard, and MIT, you need to score really high in the GRE.

How to apply For GRE?

If you are willing to apply for the GRE, Below are mentioned steps to help you get ahead with the registration process.

First you need to choose the mode of GRE test you want to take. GRE test has been conducted in both online mode and paper bases mode a. Ka. written examination

  1. To apply for GRE, You need to visit the official ETS website.
  2. Then Look for on GRE option and enter.
  3. Next is to Register and Create a new ETS account under the GRE Test takers option.
  4. Create a new GRE account by filling out a form requiring all necessary details.
  5. Then Look for available examination dates and test centers available. Select a suitable option for you.
  6. Then Verify all your details.
  7. Finally, Pay the GRE application fee. Application Fees should be remitted in US dollars. The cost of the application will slightly vary based on your country. You can find the cost of your application on the ETS website. Details about GRE application fees and processing, rescheduling, and various other fees related to GRE is available on the official website.