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Water Pollution Essay For Students and Children

water pollution

Water Pollution Essay is an important topic for students to think and write about. In this model Essay on Water Pollution, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to write your own essay.

Water Pollution Essay

Water pollution is referred to as the pollution happening to the water resources by pollutants. Water bodies such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans are contaminated with pollutants resulting in adverse effects. Examples of water pollutants are sewage, plastics, non-biodegradable materials, chemical wastes from industries, etc. These pollutants degrade the quality of the water in the water bodies and cause an adverse effect on the environment and lives depending on the water bodies.

Water is an important constituent present in the earth and most lives on the earth depended on water for survival. Till today, water is not discovered on any planet other than earth, and that makes the earth viable for living for many many living organisms including humans, animals, and plants. Imagine when such elixir for life, water is polluted by contaminants, it can directly many lives that directly depend on the water.

Water pollution occurs in two formats, which can be said as direct and indirect forms. Contamination by littering, dumping sewage, and industrial wastage into the water bodies are common examples of direct water pollution. Indirect Water pollution usually happens by soil contamination usually resulted from irrational agricultural practices such as overuse of pesticides and fertilizers on the soil and dumping of industrial waste into the soil and these contaminated soil further contaminates the groundwater and other water bodies when it gets in contact.

How water pollution affect humans?

Still, people in many parts of the world directly depend on ponds and lakes for water. While the natural water resources are being contaminated by pollutants, consumption of such water can pose a serious health risk to humans. Contaminated water can have hazardous chemicals and disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria and fungi which are responsible for several waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea.

How water pollution affect animals?

Natural water resources such as lakes, ponds, and rivers are sources of water for animals. When such water resources are contaminated, animals are deprived of safe water which is of course the basic necessity for their survival. There are several instances of land animals and aquatic animals such fishes dying of water poisoning.

Water pollution brings in greater and long-lasting destruction to the environment. So provocative measures to control water pollution are the need of the hour. Best efforts by each of us are required to save water and mother earth.