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Water Conservation Essay For Students and Children

water conservation essay

Essay on water conservation

Water is the most essential requirement for all kinds of living beings on earth. Earth is mostly surrounded by 95-97% of saline water which consists of ocean, sea, and lakes, 2% of water sources are in glacier form and only the remaining 2 – 3% of water sources are potable water which is fit for consumption and other domestic purposes. Don’t you feel the need to conserve such precious water? Absolutely yes, Life won’t exist on earth without water.

What is water conservation?

Water conservation nothing but saving the water from wastage and inappropriate use. Water conservation is the need of the hour to replenish the depleting water resources on earth. Life on earth is totally impossible without water. Encroachment on water bodies and inappropriate use of water is the major contributor to the depleting water resources on earth. Water conservation is the only way to prevent the decline of freshwater levels on earth.

Water conversation methodology

There are various successful methodology can be used to save water

  1. Rainwater harvesting can be implemented in open areas to catch rainwater and save it or directly let it to the ground.
  2. Lakes, ponds, wells, and other water bodies should be protected and kept away from water pollution.
  3. Encroachments on lakes, ponds and other water bodies should be restricted.
  4. Limiting the usage of water for domestic and industrial purposes.
  5. Finding a replacement for water for industrial use.
  6. Building a dam between the river and the sea.
  7. Installing a water recycling plant to purify used water for further use.

Water conservation at home

You can contribute towards water conservation from your home. There are various simple measures you can take to conserve water at home.

  1. Use Bucket water to bath instead of a shower to limit water wastage.
  2. Fix leaky faucets and water pipes at home.
  3. Turn off the faucets tightly after every use.
  4. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or body.
  5. You can conserve more water by installing faucets with a smaller nozzle.
  6. Do not wash clothes and dishes with water taps on. Limit the usage of water while washing clothes and dishes.
  7. Wipe out the floor with a mop instead of cleaning directly with water.
  8. Avoid overflowing of water from overhead tanks.
  9. You can also implement a rainwater harvesting at home to save rainwater.
  10. You can also implement small water recycle or filtration unit at home to purify used water for garden use.