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WACE Exam Time Table 2023

Government of Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority has released the 2023 Year 12 ATAR course written examinations timetable. The detailed WACE exam timetable is given below

2023 Interstate Language examinations

DayDateTimeExaminationReading timeWorking time
Wednesday11 October11.00 amJBL: Japanese: Background Language10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes


18 October

11.00 am
BOS: Bosnian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
CBL: Chinese: Background Language10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
CHA: Chin Hakha10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
DUT: Dutch10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
FIL: Filipino10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
HEB: Hebrew10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
HIN: Hindi10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
HUN: Hungarian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
KAR: Karen10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
KBL: Korean: Background Language10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
MBS: Malay: Background Speakers10 minutes2 hours 50 minutes
PER: Persian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
PUN: Punjabi10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
ROM: Romanian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
RUS: Russian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
SER: Serbian10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
SIN: Sinhala10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
SWE: Swedish10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
TAM: Tamil10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
TUR: Turkish10 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
Thursday19 October11.00 amAUS: Auslan10 minutes2 hours
Thursday26 October11.00 amIFL: Indonesian: First Language10 minutes2 hours 50 minutes
12.00 pmARA: Arabic15 minutes2 hours
Thursday2 November12.00 pmVIE: Vietnamese15 minutes2 hours
Monday13 November11.00 amGRE: Modern Greek10 minutes2 hours
SPA: Spanish10 minutes2 hours

2023 Year 12 ATAR course written examinations timetable

DayDateStart time: 9.20 amStart time: 2.00 pm

Week 1
Monday30 OctoberBLY: BiologyFST: Food Science and Technology*MAS: Mathematics Specialist
Tuesday31 OctoberENG: EnglishELD: English as an Additional Language or Dialect
Wednesday1 November*MAA: Mathematics Applications◈FSL: French: Second Language◈JSL: Japanese: Second Language
Thursday2 NovemberPSY: Psychology◈AVN: Aviation◈PES: Physical Education Studies
Friday3 November*MAM: Mathematics Methods◈FBL: French: Background Language GEO: Geography

Week 2


6 November
CHE: ChemistryISC: Integrated SciencePPS: Plant Production SystemsBME: Business Management and Enterprise◈IND: Indonesian: Second Language
Tuesday7 NovemberECO: Economics◈GBL: German: Background LanguageHEA: Health StudiesMMS: Marine and Maritime Studies
Wednesday8 NovemberCFL: Chinese: First Language LIT: LiteratureACF: Accounting and Finance◈ITB: Italian: Background Language


9 November
APS: Animal Production SystemsCFC: Children, Family and the Community PHY: Physics◈GSL: German: Second Language HIM: Modern History
Friday10 NovemberHBY: Human BiologyAIT: Applied Information Technology

Week 3


13 November

PAL: Politics and Law
CSC: Computer Science◈DAN: DanceHIA: Ancient History


14 November
CAE: Career and EnterprisePAE: Philosophy and Ethics REL: Religion and Life◈MPA: Media Production and Analysis OED: Outdoor Education
Wednesday15 NovemberDRA: Drama◈CSL: Chinese: Second Language◈MDT: Materials Design and Technology◈MUS: Music
Thursday16 NovemberVAR: Visual ArtsEST: Engineering Studies◈ISL: Italian: Second Language
Friday17 NovemberDES: DesignEES: Earth and Environmental Science