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Vaccine development is a leap of Science, Venkiah Naidu

venkiah naidu

Owing to the Emergency authorization of two Indian made Vaccine for COVID-19, Vice President, Venkiah Naidu lauded the scientists behind the vaccine development. He said the development of Vaccines is a leap of science, not faith. In a social medial post, the vice president said the development of vaccines was a sign of India’s Atmanirbhar and he also encouraged people to get vaccinated.

India is at the forefront of shielding humanity from the deadly disease by demonstrating its ability to mass produce the much-needed vaccine and offer its own version as well. India’s indigenous vaccine (Covaxin) has certain unique features based on the whole virus approach. This is a commendable achievement and all concerned deserve kudos for foresight perseverance and fruition of spirited efforts,” he said.