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NEET Biology

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

What is Vitamin Deficiency Disease: Vitamin deficiency diseases are diseases that are caused by the lack of one or more essential vitamins required for normal body function. Vitamin Deficiencies are caused by insufficient intake of specific vitamins in one’s diet over a long period of time. Vitamin Deficiency Diseases Vitamins Deficiency Diseases Vitamin A (Retinol) […]

Algae – Definition, Habitat, Characteristics, Types

Short Notes on Algae ALGAE Definition: Algae is a chlorophyll-bearing, simple, thalloid, autotrophic and largely aquatic organism Habitats: Naturally occur in moist stones, soils and wood occur in association with fungi – lichenanimals – sloth bear Form and size – highly variable Reproduction Vegetative reproduction – fragmentation. Asexual reproduction – different types of spores, common – zoospores […]

Types of Phyllotaxy

PHYLLOTAXY The pattern of arrangement of leaves on the stem or branch is called phyllotaxy. It helps to avoid overcrowding and provides every leaf with optimum sunshine. Phyllotaxy is usually of three types:- [1] ALTERNATE PHYLLOTAXY A single leaf arises at each node in an alternate manner.Examples are China rose, Mustard and Sunflower [2] OPPOSITE […]

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