Today Current Affairs 28 June 2022

India’s Gig workforce will increase to 23.5 million by 2029-30

The latest report published by NITI Ayog titled ” India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy” stated that India’s Gig workforce is expanding exponentially, and is like to expand to 23.5 million by 2029-30 from 7.7 million in 2020-21.

It also recommended extending social security measures for gig workers and their families in partnership mode as envisaged in the code of social security.

Who are Gig workers?

Gig workers are contract-based temporary employees. They are hired and paid to do a specific job and their contract will end as soon as the job is completed. Unlike the regular workforce, gig workers have a flexible work schedule. They work on both online and offline-based jobs.