Today Current Affairs 18 July 2022

Studies reveal why Himalayan glaciers resist global warming

A few pockets of Himalayan glaciers in the Karakoram range are known to remain unaffected by the trend of glaciers meltdown due to global warming. A study conducted under the supervision of Dr Pankaj Kumar, Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal, found that Western Disturbances are the reason behind the non-melting of glaciers in a few areas of the Himalayas

They have attributed this phenomenon called ‘Karakoram Anomaly.  The study was supported by the Climate Change Programme of the Department of Science and Technology.

Aaquib Javed, a PhD student of Dr Kumar and lead author of the study, said, “WDs are the primary feeder of snowfall for the region during winters. Our study suggests they constitute about around 65% of the total seasonal snowfall volume and about 53% of the total seasonal precipitation, easily making them the most important source of moisture. The precipitation intensity of WDs impacting Karakoram has increased by around 10% in the last two decades, which only enhances their role in sustaining the regional anomaly.”

The 16th round India- China Corps Commander Level Meeting

The 16th round India- China Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at Chushul-Moldo border meeting point on the Indian side on 17th July 2022.

Building on the progress made at the last meeting on 11th March 2022, the two sides continued discussions for the resolution of the relevant issues along the LAC in the Western Sector in a constructive and forward looking manner. They had a frank and in-depth exchange of views in this regard, in keeping with the guidance provided by the State Leaders to work for the resolution of the remaining issues at the earliest. The two sides reaffirmed that the resolution of remaining issues would help in restoration of peace and tranquility along the LAC in the Western Sector and enable progress in bilateral relations.

In the interim, the two sides agreed to maintain the security and stability on the ground in the Western Sector. The two sides agreed to stay in close contact and maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels and work out a mutually acceptable resolution of the remaining issues at the earliest.