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Time Management Essay for Students and Children

There is an old proverb called “Time and Tide wait for none, the saying resonates with the significance of the precious time that we have been bestowed with from the moment we were born. No matter, whether we watch the time or not, the time never ceases to go on and on. Time is precious as life. In this essay, we are going to know the importance of time management.

Our life revolves around time only till we will continue to live, and we collectively call it a lifetime. Even animals and plants have a lifetime after which their life too will be gone forever. In such a fragile life we have, we must understand the importance of the time we have. We must not waste our precious time in a way that we regret later in life.

Young People especially students and professionals should understand that learning time management is an important life skill that’s required to be mastered to achieve the things we want in life. Time management is nothing but the prioritization of important tasks that need to be done in a timely fashion.

While allocating time, we should always prioritize our time to carry out important tasks such as learning, spending time with family, working and anything that is required to be done that benefits us directly or people that matters to us. Students nowadays tend to waste their precious time on a lot of distractions such as social media, and online games, by doing so they have very little time for other important activities in life. Wasting time on less important activities in our younger days may affect our future prospects, might hinder our overall growth in both personally and professionally.

So It is high time we need to realise the value of time, and manage it efficiently to achieve all best things in life.