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[Solved] Ankit visited an exhibition

Ankit visited an exhibition near his house. He rode his new bicycle gifted by his mother for winning the science competition. After reaching the exhibition Ankit saw that there were a total of 14 bicycles and tricycles. Given the total number of wheels to be 38, find the number of tricycles in the park.‚Äč

To find the number of tricycles in Park.



Total number of cycles(Bicycles & Tricycles) in the Park = 14

Total numbers of wheels in the cycles = 38

We know that Bicycle has 2 wheels and Each Tricycle has 3 wheels.

If we consider all 14 cycles in the park are Bicycles. 14 bicycles will have just 28 wheels which is against 38 wheels given in the question. So there will be 10 wheels remaining. With this, we can understand there are 10 cycles in the park with 3 wheels.

So we can conclude remaining 10 wheels corresponds to 10 tricycles in the park.