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Japan joins the list of Countries on the Moon

Japan claimed a share among national space powers on Friday, as its SLIM spacecraft reached the lunar surface. Japan’s SLIM lander was launched in September 2023 and touched down on the lunar surface around 10:20 am Tokyo time on 21st January 2024. Space researchers in the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA continue to monitor […]

Which term describes the perception of the body’s movement through space?

Proprioception is the term that describes the perception of the body’s movement through Space. Our body perceives proprioception on the basis of three aspects, known ‘ABC of proprioception’. ABC of Proprioception – Agility, Balance and Coordination Agility is the ability to control the direction of the body or body parts during rapid movements in space. Balance is […]

Firsts in Space

Until now, the human race has witnessed thousands of successful space missions and amazing space discoveries. Space science has grown by leaps and bounds and this development in the field of space might haven’t been possible without Laika, the dog that made the first space travel in the world. There are also other Firsts in […]

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