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Smoking Essay: Smoking is Injurious to Health


Smoking is the practice of burning substances such as cigarettes, tobacco, etc and inhaling their smoke. Smoking is injurious to Health. It is one of the leading causes of cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and many other deadly diseases. Cigarette smoking contributes to more cases of Lung Cancer. Smoking is a highly addictive habit, it affects individuals both mentally and physically.

Smoking a cigarette gives a short-time spike burst of happiness and alertness that gets people addicted to it over time. Short and Longtime Smokers are at great risk of various deadly diseases. The prevalence of Lung diseases especially the lung Cancer are more higher among smokers than Non-smokers.

Smoke inhaled through smoking will start to damage the lung tissues almost instantly. Lung Damage is a life-threatening condition that can cause death sooner or later if the damage to the lungs is beyond repair. Smoking not only affects the smoker themselves but can also affect many non-smokers around them who passively inhale cigarette smoke.

Smoking may drastically reduce the lifetime of an individual and can badly affect the quality of Life. It has been studied that Cigarette smoking can reduce the individual’s Lifespan by up to 10 years. One puff of cigarette smoke inhaled has more than 500 types of hazardous Chemicals including cyanide, nicotine, benzene, and formaldehyde which are extremely harmful for consumption.

Cigarette smoke causes a build-up of tar-like substance in the outer linen of the lungs. This process damages the structure and mechanism of the lungs resulting in lung disorder or failure. Due to the high carcinogenic property of cigarette smoke, smoking may cause various types of cancer, particularly lung cancer is common in people with smoking habits.

Smoking among teens and students can affect their learning as the habit tends to affect their hormones and brain functioning. If you are a teenager or student you should not dare to smoke. Smoking may also decrease the cognitive skills of individuals. It has also been studied that smoking causes more deaths each year than HIV and road accidents.

If you or anyone you know smokes, you may need to know the benefits of not smoking. There are many health benefits to quitting smoking. Firstly, Non-smokers live longer than Smokers on average. So the faster you quit smoking the better. The moment you quit smoking, your start will heal itself. Within a few days, You will start to breathe easier, and in a few months, your other bodily function will begin functioning normally like that of Non-smokers. So Quit Smoking, Save Your Life and Others’ Life

FAQ on Essay on Smoking

1. What are the harmful effects of smoking?

Cigarette Smoking has more harmful effects on the body. Smokers are at greater risk of deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory syndromes, diabetes, and more.