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School Life Essay for Students and Children

Essay on My School life

School life is the most memorable part of the life of many individuals. It is at school, a child starts to learn, build relationships, and grow into a responsible adult. When we think about our school days, we will feel nostalgic and overwhelmed. Each day at School is unique and a new learning experience. We learn many new things every day. The time we spend with friends at school is the best time of our life, we will greatly miss such time shared with our friends throughout our life.

My School Life

I study in Monfort school. It is one of the most popular and reputed schools in our city. I’m so happy to study in this school. My school life is very happy and exciting. It gave me a lot of good friends who love and support me. I also got the best and kindest teachers who teach me everything with love and dedication. My school is a very fun place.

Our school is very huge with beautiful buildings, play areas, trees, and gardens. After class hours, I along with friends would loiter inside the school ground. We would play in the ground, eat at the canteen, gossip under the tree, sing, dance, and do many more fun-filled activities.

My school library is vast with thousands of books which include my favourites. Ofcourse, I love to go to my school library enjoy reading my favourite Harry Potter novels.