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Save Water Essay for Students

Save water essay is a popular essay for students. Here’s we have written an Essay on Save water for students and children.

Essay on Save Water In English

Water is the most important source of life on earth. Earth can’t be imagined without water. All Living Beings on earth depends on water for survival. Humans beings, Animals, Plants, and every other creature on earth need water for survival. Where there is water, there is hope for life. That’s the reason why scientists are keen to find water sources on other planets. Earth is surrounded by 70% of water which includes ocean, sea, lake, pond, and other water sources. Out of all water sources present on the earth, only 3% of that is potable which is fit for consumption.

Water is an essential need for Human beings. Apart from consumption purposes, water is used in our day to day life for many things such as for washing clothes, bathing, and farming. Water is also used in hydro-plants to generate electricity. Due to overconsumption and wastage, the Potable water level in the earth is decreasing at an alarming level.

Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds are great sources of potable water on earth. As Human expansion happening, Lakes and Ponds which harvested rainwater and river water are being cleared for construction. Due to the absence of rivers and ponds to collect rainwater and river water, those water directly drains into the ocean. As a result, water scarcity arises which in turn groundwater is being pumped out excessively to make it deficit. If Freshwater on land areas keeps on decreasing at an alarming level, water scarcity will happen which can miserably affect the lives of all living creatures on earth including human beings. So Now We are in the dire need of finding ways to save water on earth to save ourselves and also the planet.

  • Tips to Save Water – Save Water Essay Implement Rainwater harvesting in houses to save rainwater.
  • Avoid over usage of water for bathing, washing, etc.
  • Fix Leaky taps, save every drop of the water.
  • Avoid water spillage by any means.
  • Build more or Conserve existing ponds, lakes, and wells to store water.