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Primary Flight Display (PFD) in aircrafts

primary flight Display

What is a Primary Flight Display in an Aircraft?

Primary Flight Display (PFD) is an electronic display system installed in an aircraft that serves as one of the primary flight instrument systems. The Primary Flight Display is located in the cockpit of an Aircraft, through which the pilot can view all the crucial information about the flight. In earlier days, mechanical gauges were used in aircraft to view flight parameters. And now, almost all modern aircraft are equipped with a Primary Flight Display.

What is use of Primary Flight Display and how it looks like?

Primary Flight Display
Typical Flight Display System

A Primary Flight Display presents information about primary flight instruments, navigation instruments, and the status of the flight in one integrated display. Some systems include powerplant information and other systems information in the same display. The PFB displays Flight Altitude, Airspeed, Flight turn rate, Vertical Speed, and heading & navigational information