Powada dance is a Performing art from the state of


1. Gujarat

2. Madhya Pradesh

3. Rajasthan

4. Maharashtra

The correct answer is Option 2. Madhya Pradesh

Key Points:

powada dance
  • Powada dance is a Performing art of the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The term ‘Powada’ means the Narration of the story in glorious terms.
  • The Chief Narrator of the Powada dance is called Shahir who plays the Duff to keep the rhythm.
  • The tempo is fast and controlled by the main singer and supported by chorus singers.
  • The earliest notable Powada was the Afzal Khanacha Vadh (The Killing of Afzal Khan) (1659) by Agnidas which recorded Shivaji’s encounter with Afzal Khan.