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PET Exam Preliminary English Test

PET Exam which stands for Preliminary English Test is an intermediate level examination conducted by Cambridge English. This test is specifically designed to assess the criteria for an intermediate level of English knowledge.

Pet Exam Certificate is widely accepted in most of the English Speaking nations as proof of the ability to use English.

PET Exam Model

Pet Exam is conducted in three parts to access the following skills of the candidates.

  1. English Reading Skill
  2. English Writing
  3. English Listening Skill
  4. English Speaking Skill

The PET examination is conducted in both online and paper-based mode. The total duration of the exam is 140 minutes.

English Reading and Writing Test (45+45 minutes)

English reading and writing tests are conducted for 45 minutes each for a total of 90 minutes. English reading consists of six parts and writing consists of two parts.

English Listening Test (30 minutes)

English listening test is conducted in four parts for a duration of 30 minutes.

English Speaking Test (10 – 12 minutes)

English speaking is an interview type of test where English speaking ability is assessed. The duration of this test is 10 to 12 minutes.


Pet Exam results are disclosed as Pass, Pass with merit, narrow fail, fail.

What is the fee for the PET exam?

The fee for the PET Exam is approximately 140 euros

Where to take the PET Exam?

The PET test should be taken in the PET exam center. You can choose the nearby you.

How many attempts are allowed for the PET exam?

You can take unlimited attempts in PET exam till you pass the test.