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Peacock Essay For School Children and Students


Peacock Essay – 1

  1. Peacock is one of the most beautiful Birds in the world.
  2. It is a national bird of India.
  3. Generally, a male peafowl is called Peacock.
  4. Peacock has a shiny velvety blue-colored body with a long neck.
  5. It has a beautiful crown on its head and a multicolored feather.
  6. Whenever a peacock spreads its multicolored wing, there is a sure visual treat for everyone.
  7. The sight of a peacock opening its wing and gazing around will look like a beautiful dance performance.
  8. Peacock cannot fly high and long.
  9. Peacock mostly lives in forest land areas.
  10. The incredible peacock is abundantly found in India, Southeast Asia, and some parts of Africa.

Peacock Essay 10 lines – 2

  1. Peacock is one of the most marvelous birds in the world
  2. Peacocks are also the most popular and common birds in the world.
  3. A Large Population of peacock lives in Asian countries.
  4. Peacock is a male bird of the species while their female counterparts are called peafowls.
  5. It is a fact that the peacocks are more beautiful than the female birds, Peafowls.
  6. It is also to be noted that peacocks cant fly high but they can fly to shorter distances.
  7. Being wild birds peacocks eat grains, seeds, fruits, and tiny insects in the forest.
  8. Peacock feathers are called a train, they shed it once a year.
  9. As peacock feathers are highly attractive, some people collect peacock feathers to sell.
  10. Peacocks are more vulnerable to abuse by smugglers for their feathers. So we should protect the peacock birds and not harm them in any way.