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Paragraph about Friendship in 100, 200 words For Children

paragraph about friendship

Writing about Friendship is the most beautiful thing to do for students and even adults. Here we’ve written a paragraph about friendships in 100 and 200 words.

Friendship is the most incredible ship that helps us sail through our life journey smoothly. A friend is someone with whom we can share our joys and sadness. A true friend will always be on our side in all our highs and lows. While acquiring as many friends as we want is easier, it is a little difficult to get a true friend. A true friend is a real treasure in our life. Friends will be there for each other forever. They support each other and care for each other. True friendship will last for a life long.

If you have a true friend, protect him/her like a treasure because true friends are harder to find. Express your love to your friends and tell them how important they are to your life.

Paragraph about Friendship in 100 words

A friend is someone with whom we can share our happiness and misery. A real friend will support us no matter how bad or good is the situation. Friendship is one of the most important needs in Life. It is good to have many friends. Real Friends think alike, they share the same kind of opinions on most things. Friends share their knowledge with each other, they care for each other. A true friend will always want to be happy and succeed in life. If you have a true friend, keep them very close to your heart, because you deserve a true friend.

Paragraph about Friendship in 200 words

Friendship is a term for being in a relationship with someone who loves us for what we are. Friends care for each other. A true friend never judges us, he/she knows all our positives and negatives and still loves us unconditionally. A true friend can give us companionship in all events of our life. The presence of a true friend with us itself can give us a lot of positivity and support. Friendship is a bond that has been developed for many years between two individuals. The bond gets only stronger and stronger as the years pass by. True friendship lasts for life.

The friendship between long-time friends is always special. They know much about each other. They support and love each other without much expectation of any kind as they truly are bonded heart by heart. Love and Loyalty are the two greatest qualities of friends. A true friend would never even think to betray us or to become the reason for our unhappiness. A true friend will desire everything good to happen to us. If you have a true friend, It is important to celebrate your friendship, their very presence around us. Friends are a great treasure in life. Keep them tightly, Never lose your good friends.