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Noise Pollution Essay for Students and Children


Noise Pollution refers to the excessive sound-causing agents present in the atmosphere that creates enormous noise affecting livability. Like Air Pollution and Water Pollution, Noise Pollution is one of the major types of Pollution that affects millions of lives on Earth.

Harmful Effects

Noise Pollution is a threat to all living beings on the planet. It can cause health problems for people and animals. From Traffic noises to the thudding sound of firecrackers, loud noise can cause hearing loss, high blood pressure and stress. Especially loud noises can highly bother heart patients.

The intensity of sound is measured in decibels. Prolonged exposure to Noise above 70 decibels can affect hearing in people and 120 dB can cause immediate damage to the ears.

The effect of noise pollution on animals is endless because animals are the largest sufferers of sound pollution. Animals such as dogs, cats, elephants, bats, and owls are highly sensitive to sounds, loud noises cause them high stress and can even damage their ears.

Studies have shown that noise pollution affects the survival of animals. Animals rely on sounds for navigation and communication for food and finding their partner. Noise pollution hampers these activities of them and affects their ability to survive.

Noise pollution not only affects the lives on land, but it also causes extensive harm to marine life. Loud noises of Ships, Oil drills, and sonar devices have made the once peaceful atmosphere of the ocean unlivable and problematic for marine lives.


It is high time we need to realise the negative impact of noise pollution on the environment and the health of people and living creatures. Necessary measures have to be taken to control the noise pollution and maintain tranquillity on the earth.

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