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NCPCR issued an Advisory for children with T1DM during exams

New Delhi: The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, (NCPCR) has issued an advisory to educational institutions about caring for children with Type 1 diabetes during exams.

The following advice has been sent to all education boards of all States/UTs in the letter by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights dated 23 March 2023

Children with Type 1 diabetes giving their school exams and other competitive exams may be considered for the following

Permitted to carry sugar tablets with them.

Medicines/fruits, snacks, drinking water, some biscuits. peanuts, dry fruit should be allowed into the exam hall and kept with the teacher, if required those items shall be given to the children during the examination.

The staff should permit the child to carry a glucometer and glucose testing strips along with him/her inside the examination hall which may be kept with the invigilator/teacher.

Children using Continous Glucose monitoring system, Flash Glucose monitoring, and Insulin Pumps should be given permission to retain those devices as they are attached to the body of said children. In case a smartphone is used as a reader, it may be handed over to the invigilator, or teacher to monitor the blood sugar levels.

“As children spend 1/3rd of the day in school, therefore it is the duty of the schools to ensure that children with TIDM are provided with proper care and required facilities, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights stated.