my school essay for class 2

My School Essay for Class 2 Students

My School Essay for Class 2 students is one of the most common essay topics. Here we have written a simple essay on the topic ‘my school’ for Class 2 students.

My School Essay In English for Class 2

  1. My name is Sanjay.
  2. My School’s name is Model High School.
  3. I’m Studying Class 2.
  4. My School has large buildings and a big Playground.
  5. Every morning We Assemble in the Playground for the prayer and drill.
  6. The drill session is my school is enjoyable and at the same time I learned discipline
  7. I along with my friends would play in the ground every day after classes.
  8. My School Teachers are very kind and helpful. They teach me everything very easily.
  9. Besides the curriculum, My school has provides opportunities for us for extracurricular activities such as sports, music, yoga, dance and language clubs.
  10. I love my School Very Much.
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