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My School Essay For Class 5 Students

my school essay for class 5

My School is a popular essay topic given to Students. Here is a simple Essay on My School for Class 5

My School Essay for Class 5

A school is a place where we gain knowledge, skills, and a lot of experience. My school is a place that has had a significant impact on my life. It is a place that has shaped me into who I am today.

My school’s name is St Johns High School. It is located in a calm and serene area. Our School is very big, with lush gardens and playgrounds. There are modern buildings equipped with the latest technology. There are smart classes in every classroom. Also, the school has a well-stocked library with an interesting collection of books and a computer lab.

My subject teachers are excellent. They are strict while teaching but at other times, extremely friendly with us. English Teacher is my Favourite. I have many friends. We make fun of each other and enjoy all the time. I love my School very much.

10 Lines on My School for Class 5

  1. My School’s name is Cambridge High School. I’m Studying class 5 in it.
  2. My School is my second home. I always feel happy when I’m at school.
  3. My School is pretty vast with a lot of trees and plants.
  4. We have a large playground, indoor court, library, auditorium, laboratories, and a nice canteen.
  5. I have always been a bright student in my class. I feel I’m very good at mathematics,
  6. My teachers have been my biggest support, their teaching would be so good and interesting.
  7. All the teachers in my school are very kind and friendly.
  8. Besides academics, I’m on my school’s basketball team.
  9. Every day I reach school early in the morning to practice basketball with my school team.
  10. I got a lot of friends who always support and love me. I love my school.

Paragraph on My School

A school is a temple of knowledge. My school’s name is Mount Carmel School. My school was founded in the year 1972. The environment of my school is very friendly and happening. I and My friends will be always busy with the proceedings in the school. Our School has a spacious building with several amenities such as laboratories, a library, Computers, Sports equipment, a pool, play courts, and canteens.
There is a huge playground in my school where we practise all the games. My school gives the best education from KG to Class 12. I love my school very much.