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My school Essay for Class 1

my school essay for class 1

My School Essay for Class 1 is one of the easiest easy topics for children studying in Class first. Here we have written a simple essay on my school for class 1 students.

My School Essay In English for Class 1

  1. My School’s name is Evergreen High School.
  2. My school is surrounded by many beautiful trees.
  3. There is a large banyan tree in my school, It will be beautiful to see.
  4. The banyan tree in our gives us shade to sit.
  5. There are also many big trees in our schools such as Neem, and Mango tree.
  6. My school has a big playground where we play every day.
  7. My School Teachers are very affectionate and they teach me very well.
  8. English is my favourite subject because my English teacher teaches so well.
  9. I’m also learning music and yoga in School.
  10. School is my favourite place. I love my school very much.