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My Pet Essay For Students and Children

my pet essay

My Pet essay is very easy to write. Here’s Read a few essay on my pet in English for students and children

My Pet Essay 10 lines – 1

  1. I have a Pet Cat at home.
  2. His name is Tyson.
  3. Basically I love cats than dogs.
  4. Cat is my Favorite Pet animal.
  5. Cats are small, cute and very attractive.
  6. Tyson is a very nice cat.
  7. He will be always busy playing with something.
  8. His presence in our house gives me and my family lot of peace and happiness.
  9. Tyson is very affectionate with all my Family members.
  10. I Love my Pet Cat very much.

My Pet Essay 10 lines – 2

  1. Dog is my favorite pet animal.
  2. I have two dogs at my house.
  3. Their names are Max and Scoobie.
  4. Max is a German Shepherd and Scoobie is a Dalmatian.
  5. Both of our dogs are well trained from dog training school.
  6. Max and Scoobie are very close to each other.
  7. They play, eat, sleep, walk and everything together.
  8. They are very intelligent, they know exactly who is at the door.
  9. If Some stranger is at the door, they will bark continuously whereas if any one of our family members is at the door, they will be quiet and welcoming the family member affectionately.
  10. I love my Pet dogs because they gives me a lot of happiness.