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My Pet Dog Essay 10 Lines

my pet dog essay

My Pet Dog Essay 10 Lines – 1

  1. Dog is my favourite pet animal.
  2. We have two pet dogs at home.
  3. One is Tommy and the other is Luna
  4. Both are Labrador dogs.
  5. While Tommy is very active and playful all day, Luna sleeps the most.
  6. Both are very good at guarding our house against bad people.
  7. They are gentle and lovely with all of us in our family.
  8. My father and I take them for a walk every day.
  9. Their Favourite foods are Chicken and biscuits.
  10. I love my dogs very much.

My Pet Dog Essay 10 Lines – 2

  1. The name of my pet dog is Brownie.
  2. She is a Golden Shepherd.
  3. My mother named her a brownie as she is brown in colour.
  4. She is very playful and friendly with everyone.
  5. She loves everyone in our family.
  6. She never allows strangers to get inside the house
  7. Her favourite foods are chicken and carrots
  8. Catch and Catch, Frisbee and tug of war are some of her favourite games and also we bought her a lot of dog toys.
  9. I play catch and catch with her every day
  10. I love my pet dog very much.

My Pet Animal Dog Essay – 3

  1. I have a pet dog.
  2. His name is Scooby.
  3. He is black in color.
  4. He has learned many tricks.
  5. He brings in the newspaper from outside with a lot of pride and enthusiasm, every day.
  6. He is a very smart and talented dog.
  7. He likes to eat chicken and fish treats.
  8. My father had taught him many tricks.
  9. He always loves to learn new tricks.
  10. I love my dog very much.

My Pet Dog Essay – 4

  1. Lexus is the name of my lovely dog.
  2. It is a golden retriever dog with bushy hair.
  3. We adopted Lexus from one of our uncles.
  4. Lexus is a very happy, intelligent, and full-of-energy dog.
  5. Lexus doesn’t like to be alone. he always likes to be around people.
  6. Lexus likes my sister, Sara very much more than anyone else in my family.
  7. Lexus can’t stay at home without Sara for a longer time.
  8. My father would bring Lexus his favourite food, Biriyani twice a week.
  9. Lexus is a very happy and friendly dog. He is also wary of new people but only for a shorter period.
  10. I love my dog, Lexus. I take care of him very well.

My Favourite Pet Dog Essay – 8

  1. Hello Everyone, I’m John.
  2. My favourite pet animal is a dog and also has a pet dog.
  3. Our dog’s name is Maxie.
  4. I would say he is the smartest dog in the entire world.
  5. Maxie is my playmate in the house. We play ball and tug of war.
  6. We adopted Maxie at the age of 6 months and now it is 3 years old.
  7. Our dog, Maxie is very playful and friendly.
  8. Also, He barks when strangers enter our home in order to alert us.
  9. Maxie likes to eat tasty food and play. He loves any food that’s sweet and tasty.
  10. We love our pet dog, Maxie very much.

My Favourite Animal Dog Essay – 9

  1. My Favourite Pet animal is a dog because dogs would love their master more than they love themselves.
  2. My Pet dog’s name is Bruce
  3. He is a German shepherd breed dog.
  4. He is tall, strong, and handsome.
  5. His teeth are very strong and he can pull anything with his teeth.
  6. He likes playing tug of war, Frisbee
  7. He enjoys bathing, unlike most dogs. Bruce loves to be in the water.
  8. He swims in pools and ponds.
  9. Bruce is a courageous dog, he never fears at bad people such as thieves.
  10. I love my Pet Dog Bruce because he loves me and our family. He is guarding our house.

Dog Paragraph

Just Like most people, My favourite pet animal is a dog. I love dogs Because dogs are the most unique pet animals and there can be no better pets than dogs. Dogs would love their master more than they love themselves. Even I would say that dogs are the most selfless creatures in the world. Dogs play multiple roles in the house. They act as a guardian of the house, act as a playmate to everyone in the house especially to the children, acts as a loyal companion to its house members, and above all, become a wonderful family member in the house. That’s why I love my Pet dog more than anything.