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My Mother essay in English 10 lines

My Mother Essay 10 Lines

  1. My mother is the pillar of strength, she supports me in all situations.
  2. She is working as an engineer in a government organisation.
  3. My mother is more like a friend to me with who I will share everything.
  4. She cooks delicious food for our family.
  5. My mother is also a very hardworking lady. Despite being a working woman, she also works tirelessly at home to run the family.
  6. She is the best teacher to me. She helps me with all my studies such as homework, school projects, etc.
  7. Whenever I think of my mother, I remember her ever-smiling face and courage to face any situation.
  8. She is a lovely person. She behaves friendly with everybody.
  9. I love my mother more than anything. I always pray for her good health.
  10. She takes care of my family members and me.

10 Lines On My Mother for School Students

  1. My mother’s name is Shanthi
  2. She is working as a teacher.
  3. My motherĀ is the angel of my life. She guides me in everything.
  4. She always wants me to be happy and healthy.
  5. She supports me in all my difficult situations.
  6. My love and trust for my beloved mother are more than anything in the world.
  7. My ambition in life is to give a better life to my life and see my mother happy.
  8. She always tells me to remain positive and courageous in all situations.
  9. My other is a religious lady, she always tells me to pray to god.
  10. Selfness is the mother’s nature. All mothers contribute their own life for the well-being of their kids