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My Mother Essay for Students and Children

my mother essay

Mother is a very important person to each one of us. ‘Mother’ is often a common topic given to students for writing an essay. Here we have written an essay on mother for students

Mother Essay: The mother is a supreme woman in every family. She is a special person for every child. A mother’s role in a child’s life is irreplaceable. No one can replace the love of a mother for a child. Mother’s love is pure bliss. Each Mother becomes selfless when it comes to her children and family. Her greatest desire is to see her children happy and succeed. In this essay on my mother, I’m going to write about my mother and how important she is to me.

About my mother

My mother is an extraordinary woman. She is a doctor. She works tirelessly to save other people’s lives. I’m very proud of my mother. Though she is a busy doctor, she never failed to look after my needs. She always encourages me to study and work hard to become a better person. She’s always been, my mentor advising me on the right path. She takes care of me, my father, my brother, and my sisters. She wants everyone to be safe and happy.

My Love for My mother

I always love my mother because I just can’t stop loving her. She is the one who gave me life. She has been nurturing me right from the day I was born into this world. Without her support and love, I would not be who or where I am now. She taught me how to communicate, how to love, how to eat, how to walk, how to take care of myself, and all that need for me to survive in this world. She is my first teacher who also protected and guided me in the very initial days of my life to make sure everything is good. She never wants me in trouble. She will always be on my side no matter what. She would support me no matter what. My mother is the greatest woman in my life.

My mother is my strength

Though physically weak, my mother is a woman of great mental strength. She has faced a great many difficulties to overcome challenges to achieve what she is today. I learned many great qualities such as perseverance and hard work from my mother. She’s been my and my family’s greatest strength. She always wears a smile on her face even during the hardest times. My mother never loses her cool no matter what the situation. She told me that anger is the biggest enemy of a man. So, I usually avoid getting angry and be cool like my mother.

My mother is my role model

If someone asks who is my role model, without a second thought, I would say that’s my mom. Yes, My mom is my role model. She is kind, selfless, intelligent, and a great woman in my life. I love my mother more than anything, without her I’m nothing.