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My Hobbies Essay for Students and Children

My Hobbies Essay: Different People Have Different Hobbies to make a worthwhile of their Free Time. Hobbies give us a reason to enjoy doing something. We get a sense of fulfillment and happiness from our favorite hobbies. Let’s Check out My hobbies Essay in English.

My Hobbies Essay 10 lines – (Badminton, Reading, Video games)

  1. Hobbies play an important role in everyone’s life.
  2. Hobbies can even determine one’s career in life.
  3. My Hobbies are Playing Badminton, reading, and playing video games.
  4. Hobbies give me relaxation after a tiring school day.
  5. Playing Badminton makes me physically fit.
  6. Reading Books helps me sharpen my mind.
  7. Some may say playing video games for a long time sitting in one place is not a good thing yet playing video games once in a while is acceptable even video games can also sharpen our brain function.
  8. My hobbies even helped me achieve some great things. My hobby of Playing Shuttle helped me join my school’s Badminton team. I excelled in practice and participated in several Badminton competitions held in several places and won prizes.
  9. My Family and Friends would always support my hobbies and they would even join me in their free time.
  10. I feel my hobbies helped me a better person and I really enjoy them.