My Future Career As A Doctor Essay

Everyone keep dreams and aspiration in life. Life without dreams is meaningless. My dream in the future is to have a career as a doctor. In any corner of the world, Doctors always have a role of greater importance because they save people’s lives. Doctors alleviate the pain and illnesses of people which I would say is a boon to mankind.

I want to become a doctor because I want everyone in my society to be happy and healthy. I want to have a career as a doctor because I always feel happy whenever thinking about becoming a doctor. It gives me immense happiness deep inside. My Desired speciality in medicine is cardiology because I want to become a cardiologist. Cardiologists are specialists in the heart, they are also the heart of the medical field, and they contribute remarkable work in the field of saving lives.

A lot of things have inspired me to study medicine to become a physician. My Paternal uncle and aunts are doctors in reputed hospitals. They highly motivate me to pursue medicine and become a doctor. I also follow several doctors’ medical achievements in the newspapers and on television and those things continuously boost my desire to become a doctor.

The profession of doctors is noble and unique because not many professions other than doctors are capable of saving people’s lives. A doctor in my neighbourhood has always been my source of inspiration, he is a humble doctor who treats his patients with the best of his medical knowledge. Also, he never denied treatment to people who have no money.

From him, I understood, The Job of a doctor is not about making money, It is about helping people live a happy and healthy life. I, in my future career as a doctor, will serve people for the betterment of their lives.

I want to become a Doctor Essay

1) I want to become a doctor because I love that profession

2) I like helping people come out of diseases and suffering.

3) It is fascinating to see people respect and thank doctors for their job.

4) My uncle who is a doctor by profession always tells me to become a doctor like him.

5) I have been hugely motivated by stories of doctors saving people from life-threatening illnesses and trauma. They appear like a saviour of humanity to me.

6) I want to become a doctor to save people’s lives.

7) It’s the brave and calm nature of doctors that makes me want to choose this profession.

8) The world has noticed the marvellous and selfless job of doctors during the COVID Pandemic.

9) I like the way doctors get all the respect and importance in society.

10) I want to work for creating a healthy country.