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My Favourite Toy Essay for Students

My Favourite Toy Essay 10 lines

1. Besides all Toys in the world, My Favourite Toys are Cars.

2. Hot Wheels RLC Cars are my Favourite Toy Cars.

3. My Father gifted me Hotwheels RLC on my last birthday.

4. I have a huge collection of different types of cars, from racing cars to trucks.

5. I love Car Toys. I was fascinated by the mechanics of how they worked and loved playing with them.

6. My favourite pastime is playing Hot Wheels cars with my friends.

7. I would create roads and highways using mud, and cardboard for my cars to drive on and even place obstacles in their way to test their power.

8. I have a deep attachment to Cars. I collect more information on different cars.

9. After growing up, I will join automobile engineering to learn about making Cars.

10. I also want to be a Car racer in Future.

Paragraph on My Favourite Toy for Kids

My favourite toy is a teddy bear. I named him “Marshall” and he will always be by my side, through thick and thin. He comforts me during scary nights and is my companion during lonely days. I take him everywhere go, from family vacations to grandma’s house. I sleep with my teddy every night.

Even when I get older, I will not stop loving my Teddy. He will always have a special place in my heart. I will always be grateful for Marshall and the happiness he brought into my life.