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My Favourite Hobby Essay For Students and Children

my favourite hobby essay

Hobbies play a greater role in many many people’s lives. Indulging in hobbies is one of the best ways to spend free time. Spending at least a few minutes a day on our hobby will definitely give us a reason to rejoice in our day-to-day hustle. Moreover, Hobbies can be more beneficial. It can bring us more glory and rewards if we choose our hobby wisely

My Favourite Hobby

My Favourite Hobby is Painting. When I get free time, I would sit and try my hands at painting a new design or a picture. Painting always keeps me happy and excited, that’s why I love painting. I Feel I Possess good Painting skills. Many people have appreciated my painting skills. My parents are my biggest support and motivation. They help me a lot with my hobby. My father would buy me all the necessary tools for painting.

I have participated in several painting competitions conducted in schools, clubs, and other events organized for Children. My teachers, friends, and family would always encourage me to participate in such competitions. I have bagged several prizes and medals winning in such competitions. Out of all the competitions that I have participated in, two are very closer to me because I got to meet two of my favourite personalities. One is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a famous scientist and the other is a Famous Painter Mr MF Hussain. I was fortunate to meet such great personalities because of participating in such painting competitions.

Even though I spend more time on my favourite hobby, Painting, It never affected my studies and other responsibilities. My Hobby of painting has only improved me as a person. It increased my creativity and also improved my concentration in my studies. I would like to achieve something great in Painting. I’d put my best efforts to sharpen my painting skills. In my free time, I would paint new abstracts and also spend more time learning new techniques for painting from painting artists across the world.

It is good for each and every person to have their own favourite hobby. Because Good hobbies will not only be good entertainment but will also develop our skills and our creativity. Overall Our Good hobbies will give us a lot of happiness and Peace of Mind.