Useful & Easy Mnemonics for UPSC

It is easier to retrieve information from your brain when you remember it in a mnemonic methodology. Especially If you are a UPSC aspirant, mnemonics will be very helpful for you to remember tons of information easily. Here you will see some useful mnemonics for UPSC Examination.

Mnemonics to Remember G-20 Countries

GURU JI SITA AB SSC FCI ME kaam karti hain

G- Germany
R- Russia
U- U.K
J- Japan
I- India
S- Saudi Arabia
I- Indonesia
T- Turkey
A- Australia
A- Argentina
B- Brazil
S- South Korea
S- South Africa
F- France
C- China
I- Italy
M- Mexico
E- European union

Mnemonic to Remember ASEAN Countries

Those who pass MBBS watch PTV and buy LIC policy.


M- Malaysia
B- Brunei
B- Burma
S- Singapore
P- Phillipines
T- Thailand
V- Vietnam
L- Laos
I- Indonesia
C- Cambodia

Total= 10 countries

Mnemoic for OPEC Countries:


N- Nigeria
I- Indonesia
K- Kuwait
E- Ecuador
V- Venezuela
I- Iran
S- Saudi Arabia
A- Algeria
Q- Qatar
U- U.A.E
I- Iraq
L- Libya
A- Angola

Mnemonic to remember shanghai cooperation organization

TRUCK 2 India

K-Kyrgystan and Kazakhstan

Mnemonic for G7 economies:- All G7 countries are wealthy nations. So, they all drink JUICE & have GF (girlfriend).

So, its JUICE GF :

J- Japan
I- Italy (not India, plz pay attention)
C- Canada (not China, plz pay attention)
E- England (United Kingdom)
G- Germany
F- France

Note: (i) European Union is also a part of this group which is represented by above mentioned European Countries.

(ii) Intially, it was G6, when formed in 1975. Later, in 1976, Canada was added. And again in 1997, Russia was added. So, it became G8. But, due to annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia was suspended and hence it became G7.

Mnemonic for SAARC Countries–


M- Maldives
B- Bangladesh
B- Bhutan
S- Sri Lanka
P- Pakistan
A- Afganistan
I- India
N- Nepal

Mnemonic for 6 Members of Mekong-Ganga Cooperation 


L- Laos
I- India
M- Myanmar
Ca- Cambodia (not China, Pay attention)
T- Thailand
V- Vietnam

Mnemonic for Official languages of UN

UN always faces the challenges of world. hence they are FACERS

F – French
A – Arabic
C – Chinese
E – English
R – Russian
S – Spanish
these are official languages of UN

Mnemonics to remember Headquarters of International.

Rule 1: If the name of any Organization starts with “World or International” and ends with “Organization”, their headquarters will be in “Geneva, Switzerland”.

[ W_O & I_O ] —- Geneva, Switzerland

[ W_O]

World Health Organisation
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Meteorological Organization
World Trade Organization

[ I_O]- Except IMO

International Labour Organization
International Committee for Red Cross Organization
International Standardization Organization [ISO] —-originally International Organization for Standardization
United Nation Conference on Trade And Development

Rule 2: Trick for Organizations whose headquarters are in London

I Am a Common man in London

I – International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Am – Amnesty International
Common – Commonwealth of Nations
Common – Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization

Rule 3: If any Organization is related to “International Money or Monetary organization”, its headquarters will be in Washington DC.

International Monetary fund
World Bank

Rule 4: If any Organization is related to “Industrial Development/ Petroleum/ Atomic”, its headquarter will be in “Vienna, Austria”

United Nations Industrial Development Organization
International Atomic Energy Agency
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Rule 5: For Headquarters of Organizations located in Newyork, remember – “UN Child Emergency in New york”

UN Child Emergency in New york

United Nations Organization
United Nation International Children Emergency Fund

Rule 6: If any Organization is related to the term “Economic & Educational”, its headquarter will be located in Paris

Organization for Economic Co-Operation Development
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Trick to Remember the Headquarters of some other International Organizations

ASIAN Development Bank [ ADB ]–MANila, Philippines [ ASIAN MANila ]
Association of South East Nations [ ASEAN ]– JAKarta, Indonesia [ ACE JACK ] –Remember Playing cards
FOOD Agriculture Organisation [ FAO ]–Rome, ITALY [ FOOD IDLY ]
International COURT of JUSTICE– The HAGUE, Netherlands [ Remember COURT given JUSTICE HANGUE ]
South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation [ SAARC ]–Khatmandu, Nepal


Buddhas eight fold path — VISAL CEM (vishal cement)

right View, Intention, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Concentration, Effort, Mindfulness ( view, intention , mindfulness also called as faith , thought remembrance)

Code of conduct of Buddha

CLIP no Violence

no Corruption

no Lies

no usage of Intoxicants, and

no to covet the Property of others

Mahavira principles and vows

The three principles of Jainism, also known as Triratnas (three gems), are:


– right Knowledge

– right Faith

– right Conduct.

1) Human being start to use C.B.I in sequence..means COPPER,BRONZE and IRON.

2) HSBC stands for Harappa,Suktagandor,Banawali ,Chahundaro..! are places shows different -2 stages of growth of Harappa civilization.

3) GPRS Harappa civilization’s important places Gujrat,Punjab,Rajasthan, Sind.

Ruling Dynasties of Ancient History:


HA– Haryanka Dynasty

SI– Sishunga Dynasty

NA– Nanda Dynasty

MA– Maurya Dynasty

SHU– Shunga Dynasty

KA– Kanwa Dynasty

AA– Andhra Dynasty

Delhi Sultanate :

Sab Khao Tamatar Sab Lo Maze

= Slave (Mamluk)
K = Khilji
T = Tughlaq
S = Sayyid
L = Lodi

M = Mughals

Behtar Hota Agar Ja Sakte Agra Bhi

B= Babur 1526 – 1530

H = Humayun 1530 – 1540 1555 – 1556

A = Akbar 1556 – 1605

= Jahangir 1605 – 1627

S = Shah Jahan 1628 – 1658

A = Aurangzeb 1658 – 1707

B = Bahadur Shah Zafar

As we know C.P.F(Central Police Force) ,read it like Courage,Peace,Faith.. represent by tri-color respt. From saffron to green..

As ‘CAB’...(means taxi)..remember it like..C for CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY,A for ADVISOR,B for B.N RAO..means b.n rao was advisor to constituent assembly who prepare draft of constitution.

Countries located around the Adriatic Sea (in clockwise direction): “Incredibly Slimy Cockroach Bit My Aunt” (Italia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania).

Seven Hills Of Rome : “Can Queen Victoria Eat Cold Apple Pie?” (Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian, Aventine, and Palatine.

Arrival Of European companies in chronological order:

Putra ADa Dad FaSa.

= Portuguese (1498)
A = Angrej( English) (1600)
= Dutch (1602)
D = Dennis (1616)
F = French (1664)
S = Swedish (1731)

Buddhist councils in sequence


1-First Buddhist council (c. 400 BCE) – RAjigriha
2-Second Buddhist council (c. 4th century BCE) – VAisali
3-Third Buddhist council (c. 251 BCE) – PAtaliputra
4-The Fourth Buddhist Councils – KAshmir

Dalhousie made annexations only on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

(Sat and SUN)

Sat– Satara

S– Sambhalpur

U– Udaipur

N– Nagpur

and then Jhansi

Remember Who fought 1st Anglo-Mysore war

MEN vs Hyder ali



N- Nizams

Mnemonics to Remember Kings who followed Buddhism

“Bapu Ka hath”

· B– Bimbisara

· A-Ashoka

· P– Prasanjeet

· U-Uday sen

· Ka- Kaniska

· Hath-Harsha vardana


Formation of states in Chronological Order:

AaM GuNaH Hi Meg ManTri Si GArMi de sakta hai

A = Andhra Pradesh (1953)
M = Maharashtra (1960)
Gu = Gujarat (1960)
Na = Nagaland (1963)
H = Hariyana (1966)
Hi = Himanchal Pradesh (1971)
Meg = Meghalaya (1972)
Man = Manipur (1972)
Tri = Tripura (1972)
Si = Sikkim (1975)
G = Goa (1987)
Ar = Arunanchal Pradesh (1987)
Mi = Mizoram (1987)

States With Bicameral System


J – Jammu & Kasmir

U – Uttar Pradesh

M – Maharastra

B – Bihar

A – Andhra Pradesh

K – Karnataka

T – Telangana

Remember the Writs

CPM Head Quarters

· ‘C’ for Certiorari

· ‘P’ for Prohibition,

· ‘M’ for Mandamus,

· ‘H’ for Habeus Corpus

· ‘Q’ for Quo Warranto

Languages added to 8th schedule under 92nd amendment

B.D.M.S means





Mnemonic to remember Sessions of Lok Sabha


Budget (February to May),

Monsoon (June to September)

Winter (November to December).


Cabinet Mission, had members name

P for Pathic lawrence

A for A.V.Alexendar

and S for Strafford Cripps


Direct and Indirect Taxes :

a) Indirect Tax:

Ex= Excise Duty
Cu = Customs Duty
Se = Service Tax
M = Motor vehicle tax
E = Electricity , Entertainment Tax
S = Sales Tax
P = Passenger tax

b) Direct Tax:

Mnemonic for 7 different fields of Rainbow Revolution :

AFSPA Fauran Hatao

AFSPA is u all kno Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. Irom Sharmila is fighting to remove it.

AFSPA Fauran Hatao :

A- Agriculture

F- Forestry

S- Sugarcane

P- Poultry

A- Animal Husbandry

F- Fishery (Fauran)

H- Horticulture (Hatao)

8 Core Industries of India :


C- Coal

C- Crude Oil

C- Cement

F- Fertilizers

R- Refinery Products

E- Electricity

N- Natural Gas

S- Steel

Five year plans:(Important Facts From First To Eleventh Five Year Plan)

1. First five year plan (1951 -56)


S – Social Service

I – Industry

P – Power

Co – Communication

T – Transport

2. Second Five Year Plan (1956 -61)


M – Mahalanobis Model

A – Atomic Energy Commission

D – Durgapur Steel Company, Tata Inst Of Fundamental Research

R – Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid Industrialisation

A – Agriculture

S – Socialistic Pattern Of Society

3. Third Five Year Plan (1961-66)


S – Self Reliance

A – Agriculture

D – Development Of Industry


5. Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-79)


P – Poverty Eradication

S – Self Reliance

T – Twenty Point Programme

M – Minimum Need Programme

6. Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-85)


M – Management

A – Agriculture Production

I – Industry Production

L – Local Development Schemes

7. Seventh Five Year Plan (1985-90)


E – Employment Generation

F – Food grain Production Was Doubled

G – Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (1989)

H – Hindu Rate Of Growth

8. Eighth Five Year Plan (1992-97)


L – Liberalization

P – Privatization

G – Globalization

9. Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002)


E – Employment For Women, SC’s And ST’s

S – Seven Basic Minimum Service

P – Panchayat Raj Institutions, Primary Education, Public Distribution System

N – Nutrition Security


11. Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007 -2012)


T – Telecommunications (2G)

E – Electricity, Environment Science

A – Anemia

C – Clean Water

H – Health Education

E – Environment Science

R – Rapid Growth

S – Skill Development


Countries around Caspian Sea :

TARIK (Date)

T- Turkmenistan

A- Azerbaijan

R- Russia

I- Iran

K- Kazakhstan

Countries bordering Red Sea :


D- Djibouti

E- Eritrea

S- Saudi Arabi

S- Sudan (not somalia: pay attention and keep rem)

E- Egypt

Y- Yemen

Countries collectively called as Horn of Africa:


S- Somalia

E- Ethiopia

E- Eritrea

D- Djibouti

Countries bordering Black Sea ::

So, its GURR BuT

G- Georgia

U- Ukarine

R- Russia

R- Romania

Bu- Bulagaria

T- Turkey

Countries bordering Baltic Sea are :

RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland :

Ru- Russia

De- Denmark


S- Sweden

E- Estonia

L- Latvia

L- Lithuania



RUSSIA is the only country which borders three different land locked seas :


Black Sea

Baltic Sea

Caspian Sea

Rivers north west India

In June Cars Run Bit Slow







Cities Of Australia When Moving In Clockwise Direction

B.S.C M.A. PhD

B risbane

S ydney

C anberra

M albourne

A delaide

P erth

D arwin

Length of Boundary India Shares In Decreasing Order


Bangladesh China Pakistan Nepal

Seven Sister States:

ATM ANa Money Milega

A = Arunachal Pradesh
T = Tripura
M = Meghalaya
A = Assam
Na = Nagaland
M = Manipur
Mi = Mizoram

Important fold mountains:

U ARe A Himalaya

– Ural Mountain

A – Alps Mountain

R – Rocky Mountain

– Andes Mountain

H– Himalaya.

All important tributaries of Ganga:

GoRa Ghaghara K BaG M PunYa SoTa :

GoRa Ghaghara K BaG M —- These are left bank tributaries

PunYa SoTa—- These are right bank tributaries

Go– Gomati

Ra– Ramganga


K– Koshi

Ba– Bagmati

G– Gandak

M– Mahananda

Pun– Punpun

Ya– Yamuna

So– Son

Ta– Tamsa

All important tributaries of Godavari :

ShiBa KaKa Sab TIPPu — Left bank tributaries

Shi- Shivana

Ba- Banganga

Ka- Kadva

Ka- Kadam

Sab- Sabari

T- Taliperu

I- Indravati

P- Pranhita

Pu- Purna

SiPra MaMa Ki DaNa—- Right bank Tributaries

Si- Sindphana

Pra- Pravara

Ma- Majira

Ma- Manair

Ki- Kinnerasani

Da- Darna

Na- Nasardi

Tropic of Cancer Passes through eight states:

West Me Gujarat Rajasthan, Mujhe Jharkhand Chahiye Tha.

W- West Bengal

M- Madhya Pradesh

G- Gujarat

R- Rajasthan

M- Mizoram

J- Jharkhand

C- Chhattisgarh

T- Tripura

Five Great lakes


· H for Huron.

· O for Ontario.

· M for Michigan.

· E for Erie.

· S for Superior.

Lakes according to their flow from West to East

“Super Man Helps Every One”

· S is for Superior.

· M is for Michigan.

· H is for Huron.

· E is for Erie.

· O is for Ontario.



· P-Pacific

· A-Arctic

· I-Indian

· S-Southern Ocean(Antarctic Ocean)

· A-Atlantic


Keep Pots Clean, Otherwise Family Gets Sick.”

· Kingdom

· Phylum

· Class

· Order

· Family

· Genus

· Species

National aquatic animal ganges dolpjin is found in 7 states they are BMWRAJU

B – Bihar
M – Madhya Pradesh
W – West bengal

R – Rajasthan
A – Assam
J – Jharkand
U – Uttar Pradesh


we all know that those supporting the cause for curtailing pollution are a MINORITY

Hence under KYOTO NCMs(national commission for minorities) has been set up
and sponsored by HP

C-carbon dioxide
S-Sulphur hexaflouride

P-perflouro carbon

these are gasses monitored under kyoto protocol


UK is made of WINES

W- Wales

IN- Ireland north

E- England

S- Scotland

For Tropical( Kharif) Crops

Co Ba Ma ki Tu Jo Ri (Cobama ki Tujori)

Cotton, Bajra, Maize, Tur, Jowar, Rice

For Temperate ( Rabi) Crops):

Whe Ba G Ra M ( Vibha Garm)

Wheat , Barley , Gram, Rapeseed, Mustard

Tropical Evergreen Trees:

R E M A (Rema)

Rosewood, Ebony, Mahogany, Aini

Semi Evergreen:

C H K (check)

cedar, hallock, Kail

Tropical Deciduous Dry:

P A K ka T A B ela ( Pak ka Tabela)

Palas, amaltas, Khair, Tendu, Axlewood , Bel

Tropical Deciduous Moist:

SSS AT ( Three Sat)

Sandalwood, Sal, Shisham, Amla, Teak

Conventions and Protocols:

Ramsar Convention– wetlands

Bonn Convention– On migratory birds

Vienna Convention– Ozone layer

Montreal Protocol– Ozone layer

Minamata Convention– Mercury

Geneva Protocol– Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare

Stockholm Convention– Persistant Organic pollutants(POP)

Rotterdam Convention– Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides

Basel Convention– Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal

Reports published by International Institutions:

. World Bank(WB)

Ease of Doing Business

World Development Report

Logistics Performance Index

Ease of Living Index

[WB- Warren Buffett. THE Warren Buffett

Since he’s a business tycoon-> so DOES his BUSINESS EASILY due to his great influence; EASILY LIVES HIS life since money can buy happiness; transports goods to customers easily(LOGISTICS) buy buying ships,aeroplanes,ola cab, uber cab that PERFORM exceptionally well, since too much money dawg!, no one disappoints him ; all this purchase helps him in creating jobs hence less poverty-> WORLD DEVELOPS]

IMF(International Monetary Fund)

World Economic Outlook

Global Financial Stability Report

Fiscal Monitor

[IMF-> I M Fucked.

So what do I do to change my situation? LOOK for ECONOMIC opportunities that could get me quick money(start playing poker). Once I get good at it, my FINANCIAL condition becomes STABLE and I start purchasing shit I don’t need to impress people that I don’t like. Too much transactions without paying taxes creates doubt in governments mind, so they start MONITORING my FISCAL transcations hence catching me because they can and making me pay my debts just like lannisters]

. World Economic Forum(WEF)

Global Competitiveness Report

Travel and Competitiveness Report

Gender Gap Index

Global Risk Report

Global Information Technology Report

[WEF-> Wife

Wives vs Wives -> COMPETITION between various wives in terms of getting at the top of economic ladder,dressing sense etc

Imagine anyone’s wife. Let it be Genelia.

Genelia loves TRAVELLING to new places with his hubby Ritesh Deshmukh but since he is always busy in politics and making movies, she decides to travel alone. She goes to rural households, encounters the GENDER GAP prevailing in rural household(4 boys to 1 girl and girl child getting less food as compared to girls) and also sees the vast RISKS involved in maintaing a poor house with no chimney->harmful gases inhaled. She decides to complain about it and passes the INFORMATION to TECH-giants like Google to spread awareness about it.]

. International Energy Agency(IEA)

World Energy Outlook

South Asia Energy Outlook

World Energy Investment

[IEA-> Energy Agency->ONGC

What does ONGC do? ONGC LOOKS to exploit new ENERGY resources to create Indian optimus prime and bumblebee.

They go to SOUTH ASIA as too much terrorism in west and middle east. Plus they love momos.

They found yellow metal cake(uranium) instead of oil(ENERGY) and started INVESTING in South Asia and start mining in their fields]

. International Labour Organisation(ILO)

World Employment Data

Social Outlook Report

Basic Needs Approach

[ILO-> Labours Organisation.

Labours of different organisation organise and form union, hence their number increase and too much DATA on their EMPLOYMENT stats(chaiwala,panwala) as they are from different company, shops, paan waa, chai wala etc.

By organising their union they can demand for their rights more effectiveley and become more SOCIALLY active and LOOK out for each other. What kind of rights they demand? Since they are poor so they only demand small BASIC NEEDS of life like food,electricity to be met and then they can think about the pretentious needs of prevailing upper middle-class.]

. World Wide Fund(WWF)

Living Planet Report


Since the wrestlers are the most fit with their 6-pack abs so they are sent first to space exploration to look for a LIVING PLANET and fight with them bare handed first, bazooka later.]

Key for any answer on Environment in mains → MC-FACTR

M: Mitigation (Kyoto/Paris/Mitigation CO2/GHG/Ozone/Montreal/Kigali/HCFCs/HFCs/Euro/Bharat Emission norms/Aviation climate deal/Fly Ash reuse)

C: Capacity Building (National Solar Mission/Green Grid/Green Corridor/Sendai Framework)

F: Finance (GCF/GEF/CDM/CC/Climate International Fund (WB)/BioFin/Addis Ababa Action Agenda (SDG)/Carbontax Green Bonds/Green Masala bonds/Coal Cess/Polluters Pay Principle/CAMPA Fund)

A: Adaptation

NAPCC (National Action Plan for Climate Change) → SEHWAG HK

· S: National Solar Mission

· E: National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

· H: National Mission on Sustainable Habitat

· W: National Water Mission

· A: National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

· G: National Mission for a Green India

· H: National Mission for the Himalaya Ecosystem

· K: National Mission on Strategic Knowledge Climate Change

Energy Conservation Building Code (GRIHA)

Urban Waste Management/Recycling

Power Production from water

Electronic Vehicle

Incentives for use of Public transports

Water use efficiency through pricing

Afforestation – GM/Drought resistance crops

C: Commitment (NDCs (Paris)/ SDGs/BRoSM/Basel/Rotterdam/ Stockholm (PoP)/Minamata/ RE Target

T: Technology Transfer – CDM/GEF

R: Review -> Periodic Review (Update Target/Check Progress/Course Correction/ Capability & Capacity Building)

PATNA : To remember Missiles under integrated program.






You’re advised to copy paste it somewhere, Bookmark this answer or write it down in your notes.

You’re going to remember Parts, Schedules of the constitution, Countries and adjoining Places, Organizations, Lakes and Seas, Important Passes, Tributaries etc. for life in no time.

These are not necessarily in an appropriate order but randomly placed. Hindi speaking people would have more advantage of these mnemonics as I’ve made many of them in Hindi.

Parts of the Constitution

You Can Fly Directly From United States Using Para Military Special Rocket.

U= Union and its territories (1)
C= Citizenship (2)
F= Fundamental Rights (3)
D= DPSPs (4)
F= Fundamental Duties (4A)
U= Union (5)
S= States (6)
U= Union Territories (8)
P= Panchayats (9)
M= Municipalities (9A)
S= Scheduled and Tribal areas (10)
R= Relation b/w Union and States (11)

Schedules of the Constitution


T= Territory (I)
E= Emoluments (II)
A= Affirmations and Oaths (III)
R= Rajya Sabha (IV)
S= Scheduled areas (V)
O= Other Scheduled areas (VI)
F= Federal provisions, 3 lists (VII)
O= Official languages (VIII)
L= Land reforms (IX)
D= Defection (X)
P= Panchayats (XI)
M= Municipalities (XII)

Let’s see some more mnemonics which are extremely important for upcoming prelims. These are famous places and Lakes and Seas and their adjoining countries.

  • Horn of Africa: SEED (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti)
  • 5 Great lakes of America: HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior)
  • Victoria Lake: KUTta (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)
  • Caspian Sea: TARIK (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan)
  • Aral Sea: KyU (Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan)
  • Black Sea: Tea & BURGeR (Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukrain, Russia, Georgia, Romania)
  • Red Sea: DESSEY (Djibouti, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen)
  • North Sea: No BeG FrENDS (Norway, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Netherland, Denmark and Scotland)
  • Baltic Sea: RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland (Russia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland)
  • Adriatic Sea: ISC-MBA (Italia, Slovania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania)
  • Malacca Strait Patrols: MIST (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand)
  • Mediterranean Sea
    • Asian Part: SILCy (Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus)
    • African Part: TAMEL (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya)
    • European Part: BOSS ki SASTI MoMo in Greece and FranC (Bosnia, Spain, Albania, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, Monacco, Greece, France, Croatia)
  • Countries bordering Syria: TIJIL (Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon)

Important additions.

  • Permanent members of UNSC: FRACE (France, Russia, America, China, England)
  • Official languages of UN: FACERS (French, Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish)
  • G20 group: GURU JI SITA AB SSC FCI ME job karti hai (Germany, USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, France, China, Italy, Mexico, European Union)
  • G7 group: JUICE with GF (Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, England, Germany, France)
  • G8 group: JUICE with Russian GF (Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, England, Russia, Germany, France)
  • G4 group: BIG Japan (Brazil, India, Germany, Japan)
  • Nordic Council: DIFSweNo (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway)
  • Arctic Council: DIFSweNo+RUSC (Russia, USA, Canada)
  • Gulf Council: BOQSUK (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, S. Arabia, UAE, Kuwait)
  • ASEAN countries: MBBS CLIP TV (Malaysia, Burma, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Mekong Ganga Cooperation: LIMCa TV ( Laos, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • BIMSTEC countries: MBBS NIT (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, SriLanka, Nepal, India, Thailand)
  • APTA countries: CBI-KLS (China, Bangladesh, India – Korea, Laos, Sri Lanka)
  • SASEC countries: MBBS NIM (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, SriLanka, Nepal, India, Maldives)

Below mentioned three groupings SAARC, SACEP, SAWEN are ditto same. Keep that in mind.

  • SAARC countries: MBBS PAIN (Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal)
  • SACEP countries: MBBS PAIN (Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal)
  • SAWEN countries: MBBS PAIN (Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal)
  • India”s border with neighboring countries (Largest to smallest): BaChPaN MBA (Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan)
  • 5 missiles developed under “Integrated Guided Missile Development Project”: PATNA (Prithvi, Aakash, Trishul, Nag, Agni)
  • 3 already commissioned Scorpene-class submarines under Project 75Kal-KarKhana (INS Kalvari, INS Karanj, INS Khandari) remaining 3 are Vela, Vagir, and Vagsheer. INS Vela recently inducted into the Navy.
  • Equator passes through:
    • In Asia: KIM (Kiribati, Indonesia, Maldives)
    • In South America: ECB (Equador, Columbia, Brazil)
    • In Africa: SDG SUCK (S. Princep, DR Congo, Gabon, Somalia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya)

Ganga River tributaries

  • Left bank: Ram ne Gomat me Ghaghra pahen kar Ganda dance kiya, Koso se log dekhne aaye kyunki wo Mahan aadmi hain (Ramganga, Gomti, Ghaghra, Gandak, Kosi, Mahananda)
  • Right bank: YaSoDa Ka Putra Chandan (Yamuna, Son, Damodar, Karamnasa, Punpun, Chandan)

Indus River

  • Inspector John Chale Ravi Bhai ke Sath (Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej) First 3 are in control of Pak and later 3 with India.

Trick to remember Man And Biosphere (MAB) reserve of UNESCO

  • Achanak Sunder Kanchan apni Nanand ke sath Aagayi, Panje se Knock karke Smile kiya aur Nili Car me Mannar chali gayi. (Achanakmar-Amarkantak, Sunderbans, Kanchenzonga, Nandadevi, Agasthasyamalai, Panchmarhi, Nokrek, Similipal, Nilgiri, Carnicobar, gulf of mannar)

Trick to remember discontinuities in various part of earth

  • Conrad Mohan ki Report Gulmarg se Leh gayi (Conrad, Mohorovicic, Rappitti, Guttenberg, Lehman). The sequence is from the upper crust to the inner core.

Other Important additions

  • States with Bicameral Legislature: KAMBUJ-T (Karnataka, Andhra, Maharashtra, Bihar, UP, J&K, Telangana)
  • Delhi Sultanate: Sab Khao Tamatar Sab Lo Maze (Slave, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyid, Lodhi, Mughals)
  • Chronology of Mughal Emperors: BHAJSA read like (BJP)Bhajpa (Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb)
  • 7 different field of Rainbow Revolution: AFSPA Fauran Hatao (Agriculture, Forestry, Sugarcane, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, Horticulture)
  • 8 Core Industries of India: CCC FRENS (Coal, Crude, Cement, Fertilizers, Refinery, Electricity, Natural gas, Steel)
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