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Indian Pangolin – UPSC

Pangolin is the only mammalian animal with a scaly body. The body scales of the Pangolin are made of keratin that acts as body armor, protecting them from attacks. There are 8 Species of Pangolins, Indian Pangolin is one of them which is native to the Indian Subcontinent.

Indian pangolin
Indian Pangolin has large scales
PC: Vicky Chauhan

Indian Pangolin Characteristics

Scientific Name: Manis Crassicaudata

Other names; Pangolin, Anteater

Habitat in India: They are widespread throughout India. They are adaptable to different places as long as ants and mites remain abundant there and the place is threat-free.

Diet: Insectivores, a large part of their diet consist of ants and mites.

Conservation Status: Endangered, Protected under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 Schedule I

Pangolin is one of the most poached animals in the World. Its meat is considered a delicacy and is also used in traditional medicine.

Radio Tagged Indian Pangolin

A radio-tagged Indian Pangolin was released in Nandankanan Zoological Park in Odisha following soft release protocols and post-release monitoring.

A male pangolin rescued by the Paralakehemundi forest division was released back into the wild with a radio tag attachment. Radio tagging is done to track the whereabouts of the animal to ensure their survival and protect them from poaching.