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Helping Others Essay For Students

Helping Others is an act of providing for other people in need. Helping spread positivity and happiness, and hope which enriches the living experience of people i.1n the world. Helping someone in need gives them a sense of relief, comfort and hope in l0ife, and the beauty is the helper also gets to feel the same experiences such as happiness, accomplishment and excitement as the receiver of favour.

As sentient beings, we as humans naturally possess helping nature. The act of helping others only exhibits our inborn great qualities. We should cultivate the habit of helping without seeking anything in return.

Whatever our actions that will benefit others directly or inderectly is called helping. Helping doesn’t need to be always direct, you can indirectly help large number of people by donating to orphanages, old age homes and many social service organizations in your city.

Help doesn’t need to be always directed towards our fellow humans. You can also lend helping hand to many of voiceless animals that are in dire need of help in terms of food, medical aid and shelter.

Also helping always don’t mean giving money to others, anything you do for others with pure intent and that creates happiness in them is also helping. Sharing your knowledge with others, being available for someone for in need of physical, moral, and emotional support are also some of the greatest deeds you can do for others.

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