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GSCE Exams 2024 Dates

The General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination Time Table for the year 2024 has been released. Scroll down for the GSCE 2024 Exam Dates

Thursday 9th May9 amDrama105 mins
Friday 10th May9 amBiology Paper 175/105 mins
Monday 13th May1 pmEnglish Literature Paper 1120 mins
Monday 13th May9 amMedia Studies Paper 190 mins
Tuesday 14th May1 pmFrench – Listening & Reading80/105 mins
Tuesday 14th May9 amBusiness Paper 1105 mins
Wednesday 15th May1 pmHistory Paper 175 mins
Wednesday 15th May9 amComputer Science Paper 190 mins
Thursday 16th May9 amMaths Paper 190 mins
Friday 17th May1 pmChemistry Paper 175/105 mins
Friday 17th May9 amGeography Paper 190 mins
Monday 20th May1 pmEnglish Literature Paper 2180 mins
Monday 20th May9 amMedia Studies Paper 290 mins
Tuesday 21st May1 pmCitizenship Studies Paper 1105 mins
Tuesday 21st May9 amComputer Science Paper 290 mins
Wednesday 22nd May1.30 pmPhysics Paper 175/105 mins
Wednesday 22nd May1.30pmPhysical Education Paper 175 mins
Thursday 23rd May9 amEnglish Language Paper 1105 mins
Friday 24th May9 amFrench – Writing75/80 mins
27th May – 31st MayHalf Term
Monday 3rd June9amMaths Paper 290 mins
Monday 3rd June1.30pmCitizenship Studies Paper 2 & Physical Education Paper 2105/75 mins
Tuesday 4th June1 pmSpanish – Listening & Reading80/105 mins
Tuesday 4th June1pmHistory Paper 2105 mins
Wednesday 5th June1 pmGeography Paper 190 mins
Wednesday 5th June1pmBusiness Paper 2105 mins
Thursday 6th June1 pmEnglish Language Paper 2120 mins
Thursday 6th June1.30 pmContingency Afternoon
Friday 7th June1.30pmBiology Paper 275/105 mins
Monday 10th June1.30 pmMaths Paper 390 mins
Monday 10th June1.30 pmSpanish – Writing75/80 mins
Tuesday 11th June9 amChemistry Paper 275/105 mins
Tuesday 11th June1.30pmHistory Paper 380 mins
Wednesday 12th June1 pmDance & Further Maths Paper 190/105 mins
Thursday 13th June1pmContingency Afternoon
Friday 14th June1.30 pmGeography Paper 190 mins
Friday 14th June1 pmPhysics Paper 275/105 mins
Monday 17th June1pmMusic90 mins
Tuesday 18th June9 amDesign & Technology120 mins
Wednesday 19th June9 amFood Preparation & Nutrition & Further Maths Paper 2105 mins
GSCE Exams 2024 Dates
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