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Global Warming Essay For Students and Children

global warming

Global warming Essay is an important topic for every budding student to be aware of. The essay on global warming put forth the sorry state of the environment and the consequences of manmade anti-environmental activities. Read this essay on global warming to learn all the tips and tricks to write an essay on your own.

Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is a phenomenon of increasing atmospheric temperature of the earth than usual due to various manmade environmental hazards. Greenhouse gas emission is believed to be the major causative factor of Global warming. These greenhouse gases have both advantages and disadvantages.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and ozone act as a barrier in the earth’s atmosphere that absorbs the radiation from the sun. This natural phenomenon in the earth’s atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect. This effect protects the earth from freezing cold and keeps the earth warm and viable for living.

There is also a downside when the greenhouse gases go excess in the earth’s atmosphere. These excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb more radiation from the sun and further heats up the earth more than bearable limits. This phenomenon is popularly referred to as Global warming.

When this greenhouse effect is happening a loop, it further heats up the earth’s atmosphere resulting in greater hazards to the earth. The Rapid heating up of the earth melts the ice glaciers thus increasing the ocean level. Also when the temperature rises, ocean water gets evaporated in large amounts resulting in unprecedented heavy rainfall and flash floods. These climate change activities negatively impact every form of the lives on earth. To prevent the impending catastrophe caused by Global warming, many provocative measures have to be carried out to keep global warming under control.