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Gender Discrimination Essay for Students

Gender Discrimination Essay

Gender Discrimination is called when a disproportioned privilege is given on basis of one’s gender. For many years female gender has been the principal target of gender discrimination. Still, in several places such as the workplace, politics and even within the family, Male people are valued more and given more preference than females. This essay emphasizes the evils of Gender Discrimination and the need for eradicating it.

Past and present, discrimination is a continuous affair that badly affects people from all walks of life. People were/are discriminated against based on their gender, sexual orientation, religion, financial status, caste and lot many others. Of all them, Gender discrimination is the most common type that we casually see in our day-to-day life.

Particularly Female Gender discrimination is the most familiar yet least recognized violation carried out against the female community, the saddest part is that the women are silent victims to it and even some are victims without even knowing about it.

Women suffer discrimination in their day-to-day life starting right from their home. The major root cause for gender discrimination against women is the society’s backward thinking of women as weaker sex. In fact Women are never a weaker sex, they are no way inferior to men.

Gone are those days when men had to go for hunt, lift heavy rocks, and fight with animals for survival and women were at home. Now with the advancement in technology, human life has evolved beyond just the want of survival, also the survival has become easier. This wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of various great minds throughout the history, and interestingly it was a combined effort of both men and women. There were several greatest women achievers equally contributed to the evolution of human advancement that we experience at the moment.

It is high time, that women are given due credits for everything they rightfully earn. Women are no way inferior to men and there’s nothing they can’t do. They rightfully deserve every opportunities and privileges as every men gets. It is also important that everyone should talk about it and bring about a transformation and most possibly eradicate gender discrimination in every parts of the world.