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Firsts in Space

Until now, the human race has witnessed thousands of successful space missions and amazing space discoveries. Space science has grown by leaps and bounds and this development in the field of space might haven’t been possible without Laika, the dog that made the first space travel in the world. There are also other Firsts in space.

First Man/Animals/Tourist in Space

First in SpaceNameYear
First Animal in Space Laika (Dog)1952
First Man in SpaceYuri Gagarin1961
First Woman in SpaceValentina Tereshkova1963
First Man to Walk in SpaceAlexei Leonov1965
First Man to Land on MoonNeil Armstrong1969
First Woman to Walk in SpaceSvetlana Savitskaya1984
First American in SpaceAllan Shepard1961
First US Woman in SpaceSally Ride1983
First Indian in SpaceRakesh Sharma1984
First Indian (US) Woman in SpaceKalpana Chawla1997
First Space TouristDenis Tito2001
First Woman Space TouristAnousheh Ansari2006