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Fathers of Different Fields – GK for Competitive Exams

This article has details about the list of fathers in various fields. Knowing about the fathers of the different fields will be helpful for the candidates preparing for various competitive examinations.

Fields and its Fathers

FieldFather’s Name
Father of Modern PhysicsGalileo Galilei
Father of the Green RevolutionNorman Ernest Borlaug
Father of MicrobiologyAntonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek
Father of the Green Revolution in IndiaM. S. Swaminathan
Father of BiologyAristotle
Father of the Indian ConstitutionB. R. Ambedkar
Father of Computer ScienceGeorge Boole and Alan Turing
Father of Modern AstronomyNicolaus Copernicus
Father of Nuclear ScienceMarie Curie and Pierre Curie
Father of Nuclear PhysicsErnest Rutherford
Father of EvolutionCharles Darwin
Father of InternetVint Cerf
Father of PsychologySigmund Freud
Father of American FootballWalter Chauncey Camp
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel
Father of ElectricityBenjamin Franklin
Father of TelevisionPhilo Farnsworth
Father of modern OlympicPierre De Coubertin
Father of NumbersPythagoras
Father of BotanyTheophrastus
Father of Scientific ManagementFrederick Winslow Taylor
Father of TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell
Father of ElectronicsMichael Faraday
Father of HumanismFrancesco Petrarca
Father of Nuclear ChemistryOtto Hahn
Father of Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev
Father of LaptopBill Moggridge
Father of GeometryEuclid
Father of Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper
Father of AyurvedaDhanwantari
Father of modern MedicineHippocrates
Father of MicroscopyAntonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek
Father of New FranceSamuel de Champlain
Father of the American ConstitutionJames Madison
Father of SurgerySushruta
Father of Plastic SurgerySir Harold Gillies
Father of Western MedicineHippocrates