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Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Students and Children

Teachers play a great role in each student’s life. Good Teachers are ideally responsible for the overall development of the students. Though every teacher contributes greatly to our development, only a few teachers become close to our hearts. I study class 5 in one of the most reputed schools in the city. My language teacher […]

School Life Essay for Students and Children

Essay on My School life School life is the most memorable part of the life of many individuals. It is at school, a child starts to learn, build relationships, and grow into a responsible adult. When we think about our school days, we will feel nostalgic and overwhelmed. Each day at School is unique and […]

Air Pollution Essay For Students and Children

Essay on Air Pollution Air Pollution is a major cause of concern in today’s world. Several pieces of research are nailing the harsh outcomes of air pollution to the world and the people. Though Air Pollution is a hot topic today, it is happening for ages but It is more rapid in today’s globalized world. […]

Water Pollution Essay For Students and Children

Water Pollution Essay is an important topic for students to think and write about. In this model Essay on Water Pollution, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to write your own essay. Water Pollution Essay Water pollution is referred to as the pollution happening to the water resources by pollutants. Water bodies such as […]

Global Warming Essay For Students and Children

Global warming Essay is an important topic for every budding student to be aware of. The essay on global warming put forth the sorry state of the environment and the consequences of manmade anti-environmental activities. Read this essay on global warming to learn all the tips and tricks to write an essay on your own. […]

APJ Abdul Kalam Essay for Students and Children

“Our Birth may be an Incident but our death should be a History” is the famous quote by APJ Abdul Kalam. He lived it by example. Hailing from a small town in southern India called “Rameswaram” to becoming the president of India, APJ Abdul Kalam was the greatest inspiration to all the people of India […]

Climate Change Essay for Students and Children

Those days are gone when our ancestors nicely predicted the weather. The weather pattern remained more or less the same every passing year. Now what we are witnessing about the climate is unimaginably difficult to comprehend. Literally, It is getting more difficult to predict the climate. Climate Change is the most serious issue that everyone […]

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