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Essay on Women Empowerment

women empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment 250+ words

The term women empowerment refers to the empowerment of women. Throughout history, women were put into various kinds of oppression and depression. Women were not treated as not as equal to men. Women were denied voting rights, they were not allowed to drive, get an education, or allowed to make a decision even in their own family.

Women had faced numerous indefinable oppressions in a male chauvinistic world. As evolution happens, things get better but in an easy way but by the constant rebellion of the women and women leaders against oppressions and attrocities unleashed towards women. Still, in many places around the world, women are denied their various rights and freedom.

How to empower women?

There were many great examples of women who achieved greatness in the various profession despite all the odds that was unleashed against them. Nobody can really empower women but it is individual women who need to decide for themselves. Will power, Hard work, and Self-confidence are required for every woman to achieve in their life. Women must be provided equal opportunity in all fields that are accessible by men.

There were many great women who fought against all the odds to break the barriers, excelled in the male-dominated fields and professions. Raymonde de Laroche from France was the first woman to become a pilot. Valentina Tereshkova from Russia was the first woman to travel to space. Many successful women who excelled as a scientist, doctor, politicians, and many other profession have proved the world that women are no way inferior or lesser to men. So, Women must be provided with equal opportunities as men.