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Essay on Rose for Students and Children

Rose Essay

Essay on Rose: Rose is a beautiful flower. Roses are a favourite flower for a large number of people all over the world. That’s why are called King of Flowers. Some may call it is the queen of flowers. People present roses to one another as a symbol of love and affection. Rose grow in various colours such as red, white, yellow, orange, pink, peach, and burgundy. Rose Flowers has an enormous fragrance that is used in the making of perfumes and scents.

Roses have thorns in their stem to protect themselves from predators. Rose is an auspicious flower, especially at weddings and celebrations. Roses are used in large numbers for decoration in wedding ceremonies. Every year on 7th February, Rose day is celebrated where people gift roses to their loved ones. Soft petals from Rose flowers are used for its scent and widely used in beauty products.

Each colour roses represent one emotion. For examples, Red roses is seen as a symbol of love hence people present red roses to their loved ones. Yellow roses are considered a symbol of Friendship, hence friends exchange yellow roses.