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Essay on Parrot in English for Students

parrot essay

Parrot Essay – 10 lines

  • Parrots are beautiful feathered animals.
  • They can fly high like all birds.
  • Parrots are the most popular birds that one can see them everywhere in the world
  • There are more than 400 species of parrots exists in the world.
  • Parrots live mostly in the wild, on trees, and in high mountains.
  • They exist in various sizes, colours, and patterns.
  • Parrots are also popular house pets. People keep parrots as pets.
  • Parrots can pick words from people while they talk and replicate the sound.
  • Parrots are intelligent birds, they can communicate and be affectionate with people like other pets.
  • That’s why I love parrots very much.