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Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Students and Children

Teachers play a great role in each student’s life. Good Teachers are ideally responsible for the overall development of the students. Though every teacher contributes greatly to our development, only a few teachers become close to our hearts. I study class 5 in one of the most reputed schools in the city. My language teacher Mrs. Angella is my favorite teacher.

Why she is My favorite teacher?

Mrs. Angella is a very knowledgeable and humble teacher. She teaches me the English language. Every student would love her classes and also her great personality. She is a kind and compassionate person. Her command of the subject is just amazing. It has been a smooth learning experience for me. I score high marks in language exams just because of her.

She inculcated me with a wonderful habit of reading which really improved my thinking abilities and also helped me acquire enormous knowledge. She introduced me to many great novels which are very enjoyable to read, so I feel very thankful to my teacher Mrs. Angella for letting me discover the beautiful world of books.