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Essay on Feminism For Students and Children

Feminism is a socio-political movement that emphasizes the rights of women in terms of gender equality. Feminists are the people who advocate for the rights of women in the social, political and economic arena. Feminism works towards achieving equality which would be not just for the benefit of the female gender but for all the genders irrespective of sex, caste or creed.

There are many misconceptions revolving around Feminism, mainly on its ideology behind it and the role of feminists in society. This essay will discuss the nuances of feminism in the real world.

It is a common notion among people that only a woman can become a feminist. It is generally not true. In Fact, a Person from any gender who believes in gender equality can become a feminist. Feminism is all about respecting women’s experiences, talent, identities, knowledge and strength and empowering all women to realise their rights.

Feminism is not saying women are superior to men rather it is saying women are not inferior to men. It is about fighting for equality of all genders and ensuring women are not inferior to men. In other words, Feminism is also creating a level playing field that provides same opportunities for women as available to men in all arenas.

Essay on Feminism For Students and Children
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