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Essay on Examination for Students and children

essay on examination

Essay writing enhances creativity in writing. The following is a sample essay on examination written in simple words that you can use for reference while writing your own examination essay.

Essay on Examination

The examination is conducted in schools, colleges, universities, and also in jobs to evaluate one’s learning ability and subject knowledge. It is regarded as the most important criterion in schools, colleges, and universities by which a student’s learning and knowledge are evaluated and Students are offered marks/grades based on their performance in the exam.

Some students wait eagerly for an examination to put in their best effort and achieve good results while some students very much hate to participate in exams but tolerate them for sake of a degree or for the reward it offers. Overall Examination is not such a cruel evil that needs to be avoided, It is needed in an education system to test the subject knowledge of the students and ensure the students are not ignorant of the topics taught.

Exam in the Education system

The education system in some countries is exam results-oriented rather than acquiring real knowledge. Because the career of a person is mostly decided by his or her past performances in academics rather than his/her real acquired knowledge. This sadly impacts the learnability of the students and overall affects the quality of education. Education should enhance the lives of people. It should pave the way for many discoveries and Inventions. Sadly success in education is correlated with just a high-paying job and status. So some people learn only to pass the examination, which kills the purpose of education. There is a dire need to bring reforms to the current education system to ensure quality education for the upcoming generation.

Even though examinations are in a bad light, It serves many purposes.

Uses of Examination

Role of examination in Job recruitments

In Job places, exams are conducted to select suitable employees for their organization. Candidates performing good in the examination are obviously preferred.

Entrance Examination

Admission into top schools is most sought by people. Millions of people would want a seat in top schools that have only a few thousand seats. Due to the high demand for admission for limited seats in their school, they will conduct an entrance examination to select only top-performing candidates up to the number of seats available. GMAT is a popular entrance examination for getting admission into top business schools.

Degree / Promotion

Qualifying in an examination denotes the person is knowledgeable in a particular domain. In college and universities, Onlytto those who pass examinations conducted in all subjects will be awarded degrees. In schools, only the students passing an examination will be promoted to the next level of study.


Even though examination has a few negative aspects, It positives often outweigh all of it. Examinations have many advantages few advantages. But Whatsoever a single examination cannot decide a person’s career and future. It cannot make a person successful or a failure. It is only determination and consistent hard work that can make a person successful.