essay on cow

Essay on Cow For Students and Children

10 lines Essay on Cow – 1

  1. The cow is a four-legged domestic animal.
  2. Cows have always been considered useful to the human race.
  3. Cows eat grass, grains, vegetables, and produce plenty of milk.
  4. Cow’s milk is a source of livelihood for many people.
  5. Cows milk is a nutritious drink for many from newborn children to old-aged people.
  6. Cows milk has a lot of calcium that strengthens our bones.
  7. It also has a lot of protein which gives strength to our muscles.
  8. Cows are friendly animals, they bond greatly with humans.
  9. There are many different types of cows existing all over the world.
  10. The cow is considered a sacred animal in Hindu tradition. Hindus worship and celebrate cows.

Cow Essay for Students and Children – 2

  1. The cow is one of the popular animals in India.
  2. Cow grow up to 6 feet and weigh up to 720 kg
  3. Cows are considered sacred in India so they are worshipped and protected in India.
  4. Cows produce milk which consumed by a large number of people in India.
  5. The cow’s milk is rich in calcium, fat, and many more good nutrients,
  6. The benefits of drinking cow’s milk are enormous, that’s why people like drinking milk.
  7. Cow’s milk tastes so good which enjoyed by the people drinking it.
  8. Cows are fed grass, grain meal, greens, and vegetables.
  9. There are several types of cow breeds in the world. Jersey cow is one of the popular cow breeds.
  10. In India, Cow is a very important animal benefiting a large number of Indian people with its milk. They should be always protected and well taken care of.
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