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Essay about Mobile Phone For School Children

Essay about Mobile Phone: Mobile Phone is a Cellular communication device used for communication between one another. Before the invention of mobile phones, People used to communicate with landline phones. Later the idea of having a wireless communication device made way to the development of many wireless mobile communication devices, including advanced smartphones that we use today. In the early days of mobile phones, People were only able to perform calls and text messages with it.

Today Mobile phones are called Smart Phones that are more advanced that can able to do more tasks. With Smart Phones, we can make voice calls, video calls, browse the internet, SMS, use GPS to find a location, and more number of extremely useful tasks at ease. SmartPhones can be loaded with many useful applications a.k.a apps that are pre-programmed to perform several tasks with great efficiency. Like Everything Mobile phone also has its positives and negatives. Let’s See the Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Mobile Phone.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

  1. Communication: It keeps us connected all the time, Be it with our loved one, relatives, or anyone we want to speak to at the moment.
  2. Navigation: With smartphones, we can easily navigate to places that we don’t know the address or direction to them. Smartphones are installed with Map application along with GPS facility that helps us navigate easier.
  3. Banking: Mobile phones paved way for easier financial transactions. With a mobile phone, we can able to send or receive money from people without visiting a bank.
  4. Browsing Internet: With a mobile phone, we can connect to the internet from almost anywhere.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

  1. Kills Time: Mobile Phone addiction is a serious threat to our well physical and mental well being. It eats our valuable time which we can spend it more productively. Children spend a lot of time indulging in mobile phone games which can affect their productivity and mental well-being. So Addiction to Mobile phones should be corrected.
  2. Privacy: Our Person Information we store on a mobile phone such as pictures, and contacts are not completely secured. They can be easily accessed by anyone you give permission knowingly or unknowingly. Many application we installed on our phone already has access to our Personal data. So it is advisable to not store any confidential information that we do not want to compromise on its security.
  3. Health: Spending more time on a mobile phone may lead you to do lesser physical activity thus affecting your health. It can also impact your mental health.


Mobile phones have evolved into a very essential device in people’s hands. It almost becomes a part of our life. So like most things, It has both advantages and disadvantages. Often It has way more advantages. The usage of the mobile phone for the good or bad is entirely dependent on the user. So we should use mobile phones productively.